Canadian Classic Cigarettes

Canadian Classic Cigarettes

If you’re looking for an affordable outlet for Canadian Classic Cigarettes, consider placing an order from Native Smokes 4 Less. We offer exceptional low prices on Canadian Classics and Canadian Classics Silver- two top sellers from our Web store. If you’re used to paying premium prices for quality cigarettes, you’ll find it a lot more affordable to buy cigarette cartons online from our website. With prices as low as $35 per carton for bulk orders, we truly have the best prices in all of Canada when you order Canadian Classics online from us.

5 Things You Should Know About Canadian Classic Cigarettes

1. Canadian Classics rose in the 1990s to become one of the top-selling Canadian cigarette brands due to the high quality of the product and the attractive packaging that caught the eye of consumers and soon became one of the top choices for Canadian smokers.

2. Canadian Classic cigarettes are made from a special blend of tobacco with no additives. While much controversy surrounded the proud claims of this cigarette manufacturer that their tobacco contained no additives, the company was originally forced to remove the words ‘Additive Free’ from cigarette packs- however, they remain a more natural smoking option for cigarette customers.

3. When you buy packs of Canadian Classics online from Native Smokes 4 Less, you’ll gain access to the lowest prices available on Canadian cigarette brands. Try a single carton or up to 4 cartons at our introductory price of $50 per carton- or take advantage of our bulk prices and buy 50 or more cartons for only $35 per carton.

4. Cigarette prices online can vary significantly from one supplier to the next and can even change from week to week with the same supplier. When you make Native Smokes 4 Less your distributor, you can expect the same low prices time after time, with no surprises to disrupt the ordering process.

5. Order as many cartons at one time as you like and you’ll always pay a flat rate shipping fee of just $25 on your order. Stop worrying about the high costs of shipping and order as few or as many cartons of Native cigarettes as you like with the same affordable rate on every order placed. Experience the freedom that comes from partnering with our native smoke distributorship by placing an order with us today.

Canadian Classics And Canadian Smokes

Along with Canadian Classics Original and Silver, you’ll find that we carry a few other popular brands to fill your store shelves:

  • BB Canadian Blend Tobacco Cigarettes
  • Canadian Lights, Full, and Menthol
  • Rolled Gold Full and Lights

Save money by checking out our cigarette prices online at Native Smokes 4 Less, try our quality, then come back and place a bulk order from us that will give your bottom line a significant boost. You’ll find additional information about our native people, our products, and our commitment to providing a quality shopping experience to all customers while providing access to premium quality smokes at the best prices around.

Canadian Classic Cigarettes
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Canadian Classic Cigarettes
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